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American Helix Honey Badger


The American Helix brand is revolutionizing the dry pipe industry with their vortex like cooling method modeled after the Bernoulli’s Principle of cooling as it relates to pressure and velocity. The design was originally created by William Menzies, aka Boxfan, but there are many imitations out on the market. True American Helix is blown with American colored glass rod which is hand pulled by Golden Gate Glassworks in Eugene, Oregon.

This elegant, clear glass piece offers the Helix principles for those who prefer concentrated product. The waterless rig comes with a removable nail that is quick to heat up. Comes fully branded, but decals may vary in color and size. Measures about five and one half inches by two inches.

  • 100% American made
  • Made for concentrates
  • 5” X 2”

Out of stock

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