About us

We at Mary Jane’s Glass Haberdasher are passionate about providing our customers with the best quality CBD products available. We believe in the power of natural remedies and strive to offer a range of products that are safe, effective, and completely natural.

Since the foundation of our company, we have built around a core mission to provide our customers with the information, education, and products they require in order to manage their individual well-being and fitness. We understand that CBD products can be new and intimidating to some people, which is why we work hard to make our products and services accessible to everyone.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers. From our knowledgeable customer service team to our expert product curators, we all share a passion for helping people achieve optimal health and wellness.

Our Mission
At Mary Jane’s Glass Haberdasher, our mission is to help people live healthier, happier lives. We believe that CBD products can play a key role in achieving this goal, which is why we are so passionate about what we do.

We are passionate about offering our customers the resources they need to take responsibility for their wellness and physical well-being. This means not just offering high-quality products, but also providing education and guidance on how to use them effectively. We have knowledgeable staff members always ready to help you find the right product for your needs.

We believe that everyone deserves access to safe, effective CBD products, regardless of their background or economic status. This is why we work hard to keep our prices affordable and our products accessible to as many people as possible.
Our Values
At Mary Jane’s Glass Haberdasher, we are guided by a set of core values that inform everything we do:
Integrity: At our business, we strive to ensure that every interaction is driven by integrity and openness – from the smallest of decisions to the largest commitments. We’re fully devoted to accountability for all aspects of what we do.
Service: Our customers come first! We strive to offer the utmost care and assistance, ensuring your needs are fully met.
Quality: We strive to bring you only the best, made from ingredients that are as natural and wholesome as nature intended. With our commitment to excellence, we guarantee satisfaction with our products every time!
Innovation: We’re always striving to be the best we can be for our customers – constantly searching for new ways to make their experience more enjoyable and ensuring that our products meet high standards.
Community: We are committed to creating vibrant networks of individuals who share the same beliefs and aspirations. Together, we recognize that our collective strength is essential in helping us all achieve greater success!



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Health Store

In our store, we provide a wide choice of CBD items, including pipes, vaporizers, headies, and more. Our dedicated team is always on the lookout for new and innovative products to add to our inventory, so our customers can always find something new and exciting to try.

We are a team of passionate individuals who strongly believe in the therapeutic and health benefits of CBD. Our mission is to provide our customers with access to the best products available on the market while ensuring their satisfaction and safety. We strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for our customers, and we prioritize your privacy and security at all times.
Visit our store and discover why so many CBD enthusiasts trust us for their needs.

We Pride Ourselves On Have Highly quality products

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